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CompanyFunding (USD)MarketFounderInvestorFunding DateLocation
ballogy-icon.png name Ballogy$6,000,000EdtechTodd YoungPro Golfer William Martindale01-04-2021USA
aclaimant-icon.png name Aclaimant$15,000,000Cyber securityDavid WaldNext Coast Ventures01-04-2021USA
opswat-icon.png name Opswat$125,000,000Cyber securityBenny CzarnyBenny Czarny01-04-2021USA
memfault-icon.png name Memfault$8,500,000Dev softwareFrançois BaldassariPartech01-04-2021USA
zignaly-icon.png name Zignaly$3,000,000CryptoBartolome BordalloSino Global Capital01-04-2021Singapore
next-insurance-icon.png name Next Insurance$250,000,000InsurtechGuy GoldsteinBattery Ventures01-04-2021USA
ensemble-icon.png name Ensemble$3,000,000FintechJacklyn RomeTTV Capital01-04-2021USA

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    I just don’t have time to read Techcrunch. This spreadsheet gives me the numbers of everything that has happened during the week.

    Alan H. Project Manager

    Every week I have to make a report about tech innovation for my team. This is the first slide to my presentation.

    Account Exec at PR Firm

    I don’t care about quotes from founders or definitions of industry jargon. I just want the data so I can get on with my research.

    Garbiel S. Analyst

    I'm only interested in startups in my market: biotech and healthtech. So I added a data filter to the spreadsheet. That’s it, done!

    Megan R. CSO

    I have a business in construction and I want to know who is raising funds in construction and that’s it, nothing else! I can narrow this down.

    Alex W. CEO

    Seed investment in startups generally happens 18 months before the next rounds. I can group the seed investments together and predict series A, B and beyond.

    Jeffrey M. Angel Investor

    By tracking early stage investments, I can discover new trends. It’s like a crystal ball.

    AĂŻcha B. Account Manager

    I trade stocks, startup fundraising gives me signals where the next big thing will come from.

    Kaitkyn C. Trader

    I sell trade ideas to my clients. I can use each large investment as illustrations of rapid growth.

    Joe R. Broker

    The info has been a great talking point for my client dinners.

    Philip R. Sales Exec

    I love launching the Spanish version of XYZ and it’s not always easy to find what’s going on in other countries when the data comes in an article format.

    Aurora D. Entrepreneur

    Japan gives me a lot of inspiration but I don’t speak japanese. The spreadsheet helps me focus on the most exciting asian startups.

    Chris M. Entrepreneur

    It’s free clean data about businesses that have received a large cash influx. It’s a no brainer. I just forward it to my sales team and they start calling!

    Stephen L. Sales Manager

    I run sales at a HR software company. The startups in this list are recruiting like crazy, this is basically the names of all my future clients.

    Jenna H. Sales Director

    I have a family to provide for and I don’t want to join a company that is fragile. This list helps me weed out the best opportunities.

    Simon R. Programmer

    I get the most satisfaction in small teams. I want to join a business at the beginning of the adventure.

    Nadine V. Project Manager

    I target businesses that are not great at promoting themselves and I then offer my digital marketing services.

    Steph G. Digital Marketer

    I'd love to start working in tech next year. These are the most exciting businesses to work for!

    Chen A. Student


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