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Latest investments
TrueLayer raised $130,000,000 with Tiger Global and Stripe Fintech - 9/27/2021
SenseOn raised $20,000,000 with Eight Roads Ventures and MMC Ventures Cyber Security - 9/27/2021
Dice raised $122,000,000 with SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and Tony Fadell - 9/27/2021
Swapi raised £860,000 with Trampoline Ventures Business Software - 9/21/2021
Civo raised £1,400,000 with THG Ingenuity - 9/20/2021
Coinfirm raised $8,000,000 with MiddleGame Ventures and Six Fintech Ventures - 9/16/2021
accuRx raised £27,500,000 with Lakestar and British Patient Capital Healthtech - 9/15/2021
Matillion raised $150,000,000 with General Atlantic and Battery Ventures - 9/15/2021
PassFort raised $16,200,000 with Level Equity and OpenOcean - 9/14/2021
Tutorful raised £3,000,000 with Mercia and Northern Venture Capital Trust Edtech - 9/13/2021
DivideBuy raised £300,000,000 with Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP Fintech - 9/10/2021
PetMedix raised $37,000,000 with Tencent and Digitalis Ventures - 9/8/2021
Wrisk raised £4,600,000 with QBN Capital and Guinness Asset Management Insurtech - 5/17/2021
Maison Sport raised £1,250,000 with Seedrs and Kevin Byrne - 5/14/2021
Lyst raised £60,000,000 with Fidelity International and Esprit - 5/14/2021
Quix raised $3,200,000 with Project A Ventures and Passion Capital Data - 5/12/2021
Yoto raised $17,000,000 with JamJar Investments and Global Founders Capital - 5/11/2021
Zencargo raised £30,000,000 with HV Capital and Digital Partners Freighttech - 5/11/2021
StarStock raised $8,000,000 with Andreessen Horowitz and Justin Kan - 4/1/2021
Ballogy raised $6,000,000 with Pro Golfer William Martindale Edtech - 4/1/2021
Aclaimant raised $15,000,000 with Next Coast Ventures and Mercury Fund Cyber Security - 4/1/2021
Opswat raised $125,000,000 with Benny Czarny Cyber Security - 4/1/2021
Memfault raised $8,500,000 with Partech and Uncork Capital - 4/1/2021
Zignaly raised $3,000,000 with Sino Global Capital and LD Capital - 4/1/2021
Next Insurance raised $250,000,000 with Battery Ventures and CapitalG Insurtech - 4/1/2021
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Investment Rounds
Pre-Seed Investors

Who is the most prolific pre-seed investor in the UK? Deep dive into a growing market.

Seed Investors

Seed investors have now moved up a level targeting £500k-£1.5M investments.

Series A investors

VCs and family offices specialised in startup to scale up growth.

Series B investors

VCs and family offices that focus on series B and beyond

Investor Types

VCs are probably who you think about when you talk startup investment. Discover the most active VCs.

Angel Investors

Without Angel investors there would probably be no startups. Get to know the angels in your sector.

Corporate VCs

Often forgotten, corporate VCs make massive bets on tech companies and offer a relevant eco-system to startups from day 1.

Family Offices

Family offices invest on over all rounds from pre-seed to IPOs. Very interesting market.

Angel Networks

Angel investors can also invest with other angels. It's a great way to see more deals.

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We collect data from the most exciting markets and promising businesses around the world.

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Step 2 - Data Mining

We then use machine learning to clean the data and make it digestible. Business data is not pure and ready to analyse.

You cannot look at 2 distinct datasets and compare the potential of a crypto business in Singapore with an autonomous driving startup in California. It’s simply impossible.

This step is all about making data comparable.

Step 3 - Get Unicorn Alerts!

Finally, we unleash our AI to put all this data back together and provide you with projections and actionable insights.

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