DN Capital VC

Investments by market, targeted sectors and preferred funding rounds

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Name - DN Capital
Description - DN Capital is a global early-stage venture firm, with an experienced team passionate about technology and working with exceptional entrepreneurs. Founded in 2000 by Nenad Marovac and Steve Schlenker, DN Capital is now one of Europe’s most established VC funds.
Investor Type - VC
Preferred rounds - Seed Series A Series B
Location - London, UK

Investments by industry

B2B software - 20%
freighttech - 20%
fintech - 40%
travel - 20%

Number of investments: 5

DN Capital invested in Incode during a round worth $25,000,000 - 3/25/2021
DN Capital invested in Cubyn during a round worth 35,000,000 - 3/18/2021
DN Capital invested in Brigit during a round worth $35,000,000 - 1/21/2021
DN Capital invested in Tourlane during a round worth $20,000,000 - 11/18/2020
DN Capital invested in Remitly during a round worth $85,000,000 - 7/30/2020